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When Paul Walker and Van Diesel in the tragic ...When Paul Walker and Van Diesel in the tragic music parted ways to declare the 'speed and passion 7' perfect ending, a real version of the 'speed and passion' recently in the Nürburgring track passion staged. As the peak of the field of automotive technology Challenge, Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race called luxury car technology and speed of the contest. In this tournament, Bentley, Audi, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz AMG and other world-renowned car prices, with the most cutting-edge technology, on the track together to open a brave game. And when the fans in this race when the carnival, a retired stadium has been well-known car brand Germany BORGWARD (Po Wo) was once again mentioned by his fans, which also led more people began to pay attention to vertical and horizontal European major top of the German BORGWARD (Po Wo) car cheap nike air max. Was born in 1919 Germany BORGWARD (Po Wo) car in the first half of the 20th century was the German auto industry logo, it and Mercedes - Benz and other luxury cars par. Founder Carl F.W. BORGWARD (transliteration: Karl Powo), by virtue of innate design talent, as well as the car's love and paranoia, once became the master of the European auto industry. For Karl Powo, its lifelong goal is to create a trend-making car, and let it run in the top race. Until the beginning of 1951 Dengneng Bo Green Road until 1958, BORGWARD (Po Wo) with up to 7 years of car history, with brilliant record to complete his goal. In its all-powerful racing years, BORGWARD (Po Wo) has jumped to dominate the stadium 'speed king' fanatical power from the never-ending dream and the courage to go beyond all the ambitions. For Karl Bauer, his frenzy of the tournament is only due to his confidence in the BORGWARD car. Karl Powo firmly believe that he created the car is unmatched, in order to prove that all the courage to dare in the track 'Sword'. In 1949, when Karl Powo was equally keen on the car's August Momberger encounter, Karl Powo deep in the heart of the dream finally boiling. 'Well, guys let us go to the track and enjoy the speed,' Karl Baowo said to his partner, 'inspired by the August Momberger, head of the car league sports car department. Karl Po Wo received the racing driver in order to be able to win in the first race, familiar with the rules of the car August Momberger is very clear racing winning technical points, so he made a valuable proposal to Karl Powo, good to create Karl Powo On the basis of August Momberger's advice, improved on the basis of the BORGWARDHansa 1500 chassis and innovative lightweight design with a lightweight design to reduce wind resistance with a streamlined body layout. In addition, the outstanding engine designer Karl Ludwig Brandt (Karl-Ludwig Brandt) will be an effective tuning of the engine, the car has become the engine power up to 66PS super racing. With the aluminum design BORGWARD INKA appeared on the Monterey circuit in Paris, the whole body silver shiny body immediately caused countless people wait and see. And when the BORGWARD INKA with the speed of power on the track forgetting hurricane, the competitors can only be behind it to catch up. Sure enough, BORGWARD INKA live up to expectations, the beginning of the track will set a record of 12 worlds. BORGWARD INKA birthplace set a record of 12 world record BORGWARD INKA BORGWARD INKA victory, in order to continue to maintain its record, BORGWARD (Po Wo) in the 1953 season, using a new chassis design and equipped with a 1.5-liter engine Of the BORGWARDHansa 1500 RS cheap nike running shoes. The car is equipped with a new cylinder and Solex dual carburetor engine, so that it can burst out of the maximum power of 110 hp, than the then Porsche Spyder engine is also higher than 10 horsepower. The new engine assembly makes the drivers Karl-GüntherBechem and Theo Helfrich stand out at the Nürburgring 1,000 km race and become a champion of the same class. BORGWARD INKA in the Monte Carlo race BORGWARD INKA 1953, in order to demonstrate the outstanding performance of the Hansa 1800 diesel, BORGWARD installed a 42 hp engine in the sporty body. This is the first Diesel car in the history of BORGWARD, and reached a maximum speed of 155 km / h (96 mph) at the first test. In 1953, Hansa 1800 created two world records in 1954 BORGWARD Lloyd 1954, racing driver Adolf Brudes driving with 20PS 400-LP engine Lloyd impact Hockenheim and Monteherry track, with excellent air Dynamic design, lightweight metal case and a 150 km / h powerful power output of the engine, so that he is blessed, not only that, he and his partners also swept the 18 world record, three of which remain so far The In the same year, BORGWARD designers decided to develop a 1.5-liter four-valve engine based on Isabella with fuel injection and dual ignition. After the advent of the engine, its initial power reached 150 horsepower. With this highly efficient engine, BORGWARD has always been ahead of the car technology and has helped BORGWARDRS countless victories. BORGWARD with efficient power engine tightly grasp the ground with BORGWARD RS smooth flight Of course, in addition to lightweight, low-resistance design and efficient power engine configuration, the BORGWARD (Po Wo) winning another big technical highlights is the grip Smooth suspension system and a very stable body structure. In the 1952 season, BORGWARD (Po Wo) by virtue of another with 80PS and a speed of 220 km / h BORGWARD RS new models of the battlefield. Very special is that it uses the technology is very complex after the Di's rear suspension design, this design allows the car chassis lower, lighter weight and better grip nike trainer shoes. In addition, the innovative trapezoidal frame structure, but also more effectively reduce the body vibration, so that the car is more stable nike running shoes. These technologies, at that time, are all ahead of the trend of the times, avant-garde and innovative design, no doubt let the German BORGWARD (Po Wo) in the Grenzlandring track ring race and the Berliner Avus track match victory. Aerodynamic improvements of the electric type BORGWARD RS Germany BORGWARD (Po Wo) victory, technology is the key, but the outstanding racing driver is also an important guarantee of winning. As the German BORGWARD (Po Wo) Royal racing driver Adolf Brudes called legend, up to 49 years of occupation career, making it the longest international career car racing driver, in addition to his 52 years old still driving Racing brave to race in F1. Of course, for his employer, his greatest contribution is for the German BORGWARD (Po Wo) to create dozens of world records, part of the record to keep the German BORGWARD (Po Wo) Royal racing driver Adolf Brudes Borgward event director Hans Hugo Hertmann Congratulations to Adolf Brudes for 20 success records Adolf Brudes has recalls the scene of driving BORGWARD on the track: 'I was able to break a lot of records, I think this comes from BORGWARD (Po Wo) car design , In the field of man-machine control was a very outstanding design, BORGWARD racing so that I control every detail in the control of the very good, while the smooth body design, as well as ahead of the opponent's excellent engine, but also led me to win An important guarantee '. In addition to the racing driver Adolf Brudes, the raiser Hans-Hugo Hartmann (Hans-Hugo Hartmann) also had to mention. In the 1957 Carrera Pan American Rally, they were driving the BORGWARD (Pau) car and Porsche racing, both sides comparable, until the last stop, BORGWARD (Po Wo) valve failure, but Hart Man did not give up to hold the game and eventually won the championship. After the game, Hartman said: 'In addition to calm the psychological quality of the game, I must thank the performance and control of the smooth BORGWARD car.' Glory and leave the opponent left the shadow of the German BORGWARD (Po Wo) car once Times to seize the limelight of the game, which makes many car prices headache. Until 1958, BORGWARD (Po Wo) out of the game, still to the opponent to leave the haze, it to the England Cooper racing team to provide the engine, it is because of its powerful power output, in 1959 F2 Formula, the team In the first four games in a series of victory. Stirling Moss, a British car star, wrote in his biography: 'The German caravan brand racing engine is amazing, and even difficult to use language to describe the high speed can provide a steady stream of power output , This powerful and reliable power protection, making it one of the best racing engines of that era, it can easily reach 8000 rpm, at that time is unimaginable, it was 135 horsepower Porsche 550 Spyder is the most frightening opponent. It was because of this Cooper-Borgward racing car equipped with the Bowen engine, so I won four championships. 'Participated in 416 games, 307 times won the top four, 194 won The winner of the legendary racing driver, Stirling Moss, has been able to see that the BORGWARD has won the BORGWARD (BOWGWARD) (Po Wo) car excellent body stability and excellent engine performance. Although the German BORGWARD (Po Wo) silence for more than 50 years, but in Nürburgring, Carrera and other well-known track on the speed of interpretation, the Powo fans left a beautiful memory. In March this year, the Geneva Motor Show, the dusty long-standing brand to the world announced a high profile, at the same time as BORGWARD (Po Wo) brand legendary witness of Stirling Moss was also invited to participate in the Geneva Motor Show, Expressed their own glory of this brand of the past and the treasure of the future of the beautiful vision. After the release of this heavy message, so that all over the world Baowo fans who immediately rekindle hope nike air max shoes. I believe that in the near future, at the Nürburgring, at the Carrera circuit, at the Monteherry circuit, the German BORGWARD (Po Wo) car will reappear the medal, glory reproduction. Germany BORGWARD (Baowo) car invited Sir Stirling Moss at the Geneva Motor Show

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