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'By 2020, the province's total area of ​​not less than 4230 million mu of wetlands, natural wetland area of ​​not less than 2920 mu.' 8, Jiangsu Provincial Government announced the ' Jiangsu Province, the implementation of wetland protection and restoration system, 'proposed, the establishment of wetland protection and repair system, a comprehensive protection of wetlands, strengthen the use of wetland regulation, to promote the restoration of degraded wetlands to maintain wetland ecosystem health. Wetlands play an important role in conserving water, purifying water quality, flooding and drought resistance, regulating climate and maintaining biodiversity. It is an important natural ecosystem and an important part of natural ecological space. Jiangsu is one of the most abundant provinces in the country cheap nike dunk shoes, with the 'wetland province'. Due to the lack of understanding of the ecological value of wetland and the weak management and management ability cheap nike shoes online, the wetland of Jiangsu Province has been declining and the ecological function has been degraded. According to the 'Jiangsu Province Wetland Protection and Restoration System Implementation Plan', Jiangsu will be the province's wetlands into the scope of protection, the implementation of comprehensive protection and grading management, to maintain the province's wetland reserves do not reduce the maintenance of national ecological security cheap nike air max 2017. All levels of government are responsible for the protection of wetlands in their respective administrative areas, and will incorporate wetland protection into national economic and social development plans. We will attach importance to, encourage, guide and support social forces to participate in wetland protection and rehabilitation in various effective ways. This year, the total area of ​​wetlands in Shanxi Province is not less than 4230 mu, By 2020, the construction of various types of wetland nature reserves or wetland agricultural wildlife habitat protected areas 16, 14 wetland parks at all levels, wetland protection area 40, the province's natural wetland protection area of ​​1460 mu, natural wetland protection Rate of 50% or more; to enhance the ecological quality of wetlands, by 2020, the province to repair wetlands 20 million mu, important rivers and lakes water function area water quality compliance rate increased to 82% or more cheap air jordan mens. Jiangsu will be divided into important wetlands (including important international wetlands), provincial important wetlands, municipal important wetlands and general wetlands according to the wetland protection planning and wetland ecological functions and the importance of biodiversity. Directory to be identified. We will strengthen the protection of the national, provincial and municipal wetlands through the establishment of national parks, wetland nature reserves, wetland parks, aquatic germplasm resources protection areas, marine special protection areas, water source protection areas and wetland protected areas. Covering the province's important wetland protection system. The provincial government to develop wetland ecological red line management approach, the important wetlands, provincial important wetlands and municipal key wetlands of the core areas into the wetland ecological red line to be strictly protected to ensure that wetland ecological function is not reduced, the area does not decrease, the nature does not change. Wetlands that incorporate wetland ecological red lines are forbidden to requisition, levy or alter wetland use. Due to transportation, waterway, energy, communications, water conservancy and other key construction projects need to requisition, the wetland ecological red line outside the scope of the wetlands or change the use of land units in accordance with the law to handle the relevant procedures and submit wetland protection and rehabilitation program. It is understood that Jiangsu will implement the ecological civilization construction of wetland repair objectives and tasks cheap nike free shoes, without affecting the existing rivers and lakes reservoir flood control capacity under the premise of adherence to the natural restoration and artificial restoration of the combination of the way to reduce the area, ecological degradation and Contaminated wetlands to take measures to be restored, repair, repair 50000 acres per year. The implementation of rivers, lakes, coastal, swamp, reservoir pond wetland restoration project, the Yangtze River, Huaihe River, the old course of the Yellow River, Taihu Lake, Hongze Lake, Shijiu Lake, Baima Lake, Gaoyou Lake, coastal beach and estuaries and other degraded wetlands to carry out ecological restoration, The area of ​​wetland is restored by means of pollution clean-up, land remediation, topography restoration, natural wetland shoreline maintenance, river and lake water connection, vegetation restoration, wildlife habitat restoration, demolition fence, ecological resettlement and wetland pest control, Improve wetland ecological function, and maintain wetland ecosystem health. Jiangsu Province, the local wetlands in recent years to be seriously investigated the situation, through the rejuvenation of the wet beach, retreat also Lake (river, river), returning farmland to wet and other measures to restore the original wetlands, increase wetland area. The lack of water resources caused by the lack of functional degradation of natural wetlands, through engineering and technical measures to replenish, restore wetland ecological functions, enhance wetland ecosystem stability. (Finish)

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