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At present, more and more 'novice' to get a driver's license, tend to buy a second-hand car to change the look. At the same time, there are many car owners in the new car at the same time will sell their own second-hand car. So, for the purchase of second-hand car consumers, how to check the quality of vehicles? And the sale of second-hand car owners, how to take the depreciation of the car and the price of it? (A pseudonym) recently in the East Side of a car service center to buy a second-hand mass of golf (Participation cheap nike air max, pictures, inquiry) 6 car (in October 2012 on the card, 1.6) in advance of the car and the traffic control department to inquire about the car situation Shi Lei (a pseudonym) Automatic fashion version). At the time of purchase, the shop tried to sell the car, and said the car is very new and only one or two small accidents. Shi Lei said, when buying a car, the seller said the car is the owner of the debt to him, the car no problem cheap nike running shoes. Shi Lei through the seller license plate number inquiries risk records did not find the problem. So, then the price of 102,000 yuan to buy the car and transfer on the card. However, Shi Lei later to do maintenance, from the clerk to inquire into the truth: the vehicle had a major accident. So, Shi Lei with the payment after the hand to get the 'motor vehicle registration certificate' and through the insurance company inquiries, and finally found the first owner information: the car in February 2014 had a major traffic accident, the Pacific Insurance Company compensation vehicles Maintenance costs more than 80,000 yuan, more than 50,000 yuan medical expenses. Found such a result, Shi Lei will find the car service center consultation, but the other said he was only intermediary, can only help find the second owner of the consultation. Later, the city of Industry and Commerce came forward to investigate the mediation of the dispute nike trainer shoes, Shi Lei asked the car service center compensation 249,000 yuan. But the two sides can not agree on the amount of compensation, the city of Industry and Commerce finally terminated the mediation, and suggested that the two sides through legal channels to solve the problem. For the purchase of second-hand car consumers, how to judge the car's condition? The industry said that before buying a car, the buyer to get the vehicle registration certificate or driving license, policy number, to the insurance company or the traffic control department inquiries, so as to better determine whether the second-hand car had a major accident. 'However, if the former owner at their own expense to repair nike running shoes, did not go through the insurance company, the query can not. If you do not understand the car, then, must call a car with people to see the car.' Selling car: the price comparison intermediary evaluation price floating 10% -15% when the sale of second-hand car how to take the depreciation of the car and the price? Reporters interviewed a brand car 4S shop head Geng Miss. She told reporters, in general, the owners to buy a new car if you enjoy a larger discount, the car will replace the old car when the price of old cars down. 'Usually second-hand car dealers to buy second-hand car, the difference will be 10% to 15% nike air max shoes. Holding a large brand of second-hand car, the intermediary made the difference will be high.' Geng said the owner of the best reference car dealers evaluation price, On the basis of floating about 10%, to find the second-hand car to buy their own private buyers more cost-effective.

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