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Professionals: wearing a dark sunglasses drive will extend the driver's response to the sudden time to drive wearing a black super, always feel that it is cool, Guancheng Miss Lu to pay the price: their head injury cheap nike air max, car hit Rear. There are car professionals recommend car owners, driving the best wearing light-colored sunglasses, because too deep sunglasses will extend the driver's response time to the sudden situation. Wearing a dark sunglasses out of the accident Guancheng Miss Lu at the end of last year just get a new car cheap nike running shoes, because usually take a friend's car, will see friends will wear cool sunglasses, so Miss Lu bought a car, the first A time to go with a pair of myopia with sunglasses. But it is because of this pair of glasses, so she and her car are injured. 'Spring Festival our family to the country to go, because the day sunshine, I put on the sunglasses to drive, may be too dark sunglasses, in a rural road to turn right, from the back mirror to see the speed of the car Not so fast, so I hit the steering wheel, the results, two cars hit, and therefore hit the head, and the car also hurt the tail, so sitting in the back seat of the family are all right, otherwise, Really very guilty. 'Miss Lu talked about this because of sunglasses caused by the accident, that too dark sunglasses or so that she did not respond in time, so there will be such a wrong incident. The driver's eyes will feel tired, so many drivers will wear dark sunglasses to block the sun, protect the eyes, but the driver's eyes And therefore affect the line of sight. Therefore, it is recommended that the driver friends, such as wearing sunglasses to drive, sunglasses color should not be too deep, sunglasses darkness can delay the image of the eye sent to the brain, this visual delay caused by the speed of distortion, so that wearing sunglasses driver to make mistakes The judgment. And studies have shown that too much sunglasses will extend the driver's response to the sudden response time nike trainer shoes. Survey: Most of the owners have the habit of wearing sunglasses to drive According to reporters around the car driving friends found that most people have the habit of wearing sunglasses to drive nike running shoes. 'I have two pairs of sunglasses, a lighter, in the sun is not strong when used; a darker, the sun is more intense use.' Miss Chen said. And Mr. Wang also said that he often wear dark sunglasses when driving, but Miss Lu like this because of the situation of wearing glasses did not encounter, but after driving will consider changing a pair of sunglasses. 'I do not wear sunglasses, because there are glasses of friends said, wearing sunglasses will have an impact on the car, if the sun is strong, put down the sun block nike air max shoes.' Miss Huang said.

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